Strengthening the fabric of local communities through our actions and contributions.


Our foundation began with an idea aimed at empowering every Windermere agent to make a meaningful impact. As experts in the housing industry, it only made sense for us to extend our support towards homeless families, as well as low-income families, with a particular focus on assisting children.


Join us to help low-income and homeless families in our community.

The Impact of Giving

Strenghtening Our Communities

By emphasizing our dedication to helping children, we acknowledge the profound impact stable and secure housing can have on their development, education, and well-being. By extending our support to low-income families with children, we strive to create a positive ripple effect that will shape the lives of not only the children themselves but also their families and communities.

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Every Time A Home Is Sold

A donation is made to the foundation

For the past 30 years a portion of every Windermere agent’s commission has been donated to the Windermere Foundation. Having 100% participation gives us a common purpose and sends a powerful message about our commitment to the community.


Local Supporting Local

From Compassion to Action

The Windermere Foundation has provided funding to hundreds of organizations throughout the Western U.S., including homeless shelters, food banks, schools, hospitals, community centers, and more. The Foundation has been able to address diverse needs, ranging from babies requiring diapers and formula, families seeking housing for critically ill children, to supporting kids with no shoes or school supplies.

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Collective Generosity

A goal of $50 Million in Donations

In 2022, Windermere celebrated our 50th anniversary by exceeding our $50 million donation goal. We are immensely grateful to our dedicated donors whose support has made a profound impact on countless lives and communities. Together, we continue to make a positive difference through collective giving.


You can help us help our neighbors
in need through a donation to the
Windermere Foundation.


Apply for funding

We believe in collective action and supporting our neighbors to foster thriving communities. If you are aware of any organizations dedicated to assisting low-income and homeless families that could benefit from funding, we urge them to complete our application below.

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