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Investing in home: building a foundation for memories


Investing in home: building a foundation for memories


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"Of course, thanks to the house, a great many of our memories are housed, and if the house is a bit elaborate, if it has a cellar and a garret, nooks and corridors, our memories have refuges that are all the more clearly delineated. All our lives we come back to them in our daydreams.”

I have been following the news about the housing market pretty closely and am pretty disappointed with some of the articles declaring a case against homeownership. I couldn’t disagree more. If anything, I see the value of homeownership: responsible financial investment, social stability and community connection as more important than ever.

I was particularly moved by the story in the Seattle Times yesterday about the Lutz family in Ballard, a family with seven adopted siblings that are helping their parents move from their family home to a smaller condo now that their children have left the nest. Though their story is far from typical, it really resonates how home is the center of family life, a place where memories are created and how houses tell the stories of the lives we build while in their shelter.

Homes do that for people. They are the places where some of our most intimate stories unfold.

Finding and creating a home is an emotional, psychological, social and financial investment.  There is a lot of energy involved in finding the place to envision the future, raise a family, and perhaps retire. There is no other investment as enjoyable as your own home. Investments in gold or stocks cannot compare to the feelings about a place where you collect memories, create spaces that reflect your ideals and develop to fit your needs over time.

Beyond the emotional ties to home, a number of studies have shown that home ownership has a great impact on feelings of personal autonomy, life satisfaction and increased investment in the community. The sense of satisfaction goes beyond the ability to paint walls whatever color we want, or make improvements to our homes on our own terms. It goes deeper by improving our sense of well being. Furthermore, when we have a stake in the community we live in, we participate more, making our neighborhoods safer and healthier for all members.

Not all the news about the housing market is negative, actually there are many great articles: “in defense of home ownership”, “ten reasons to buy a home “and “a dream house after all” to name a few. But regardless of where you stand on the housing market right now, we can all likely agree that there is no place like a home.

All of our experiences of home are unique. Please share your best memories of home.



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Our Office


Windermere Real Estate/Yakima began in 1996. Tom Trepanier is the current broker owner and has been with Windermere since 1997. Windermere / Yakima is located in West Yakima, at 4002 Englewood and has grown to more than twenty-five agents. The company serves the communities of Yakima, Selah, West Valley, Naches, East Valley, Moxee, Cowiche, Rimrock, Union Gap, Wapato, Toppenish, Zillah, Granger, and Grandview & Mabton. 

Windermere moved to the current location in February of 2009. The "37 House" was formerly the personal residence of the Plath family, Yakima orchardists. The family moved to the property in 1930 living in the garage until the completion of the home in 1936. It has been and continues to be a landmark in the city of Yakima! 



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Yakima Valley


Welcome to Yakima!

Welcome to beautiful Yakima, Washington. Our agents take pride in serving the cities of Yakima, Selah, West Valley, Naches, East Valley, Moxee, Cowiche, Rimrock, Union Gap, Wapato, Toppenish, Zillah, Granger, Grandview & Mabton.

Yakima is located in the remarkable Yakima Valley, and is home to some of the best farmland in the entire United States. The apples from our region are legendary, and the quality of life enjoyed by residents of this area is very high. Recreational opportunities abound in our area, with outstanding winter snow-skiing and incredible river-rafting opportunties right nearby. Whatever your interest, Yakima and its surrounding communities will make you feel right at home.

You'll find that our agents not only list and sell more homes in the region, but live and actively participate in the neighborhoods as well. If you are planning to market your properties, you can be assured that support from Windermere's huge regional network and access through the World Wide Web will give you maximum exposure and results for your home.




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